Ferrari 250 GTO (Speed Champions 75889 MOD)

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: ER0L
Probably my last MOD regarding the actual batch of SC cars. After building the original model I was wondering if a conversion is possible at all, but when I understood that the frontend can be built without using stickers things came together quite nicely. Same procedure as always: - shortened vehicle - shortened wheelbase - smaller wheels - 5-wide windscreen and roof - the car is much lower than before - no stickers mimicking constructive elements, everything that can be built should be built - filled gap behind the rear mudguard (I understand it's supposed to be a vent like on the original car but not many people will recognize that, I guess - it rather looks like an unfinished section) The car has 8 visible studs which is rather unusual for my models - it would be nice to have those 2x3 tiles with hole in red some day. Thanks for looking! -


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