Sometimes the person who tries to makes everyone happy is the most lonely person...

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Sometimes the small is really big. Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the poppies and Remember Silky Sometimes you need to distance yourself to see things clearly... The Beach is not always a place...sometimes it's a feeling... life is a constant decision -73- Disappointed but not surprised -23- Friends with a monster Sometimes in life, the person who tries to keep everyone happy turns out being the most lonely person... Sometimes we just need quiet place to reflect Sometimes when I watch trees sway sometimes Sometimes you just take what you can get The bridge and sunrays Sometimes it is best just to walk away in silence... Won't you be my peace. A tiny Stapelia flower. Everything is hanging by a thread The Morning After... the island

License: Creative Commons - Attribution-Share Alike
Author: Neda Andel
Picture was taken ♥ Neverwood Land♥ (This decoration is made by me and it's still available on the land) Style & Decor Card at my blog ♥ SLooK4U BLOG ♥ Social network: Facebook Google+ Pinterest Twitter


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