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lavandera cascadeña (motacilla cinerea) On the Bridge Yellow wagtail lavandera boyera (motacilla flava) Grey wagtail on ice pied wagtail ready to feed its young Lavandera boyera ¿cinereocapilla? - Ashy-headed Wagtail - Cuereta groga - Motacilla flava cinereocapilla lavandera cascadeña - cuereta torrentera - grey wagtail Western yellow wagtail lavandera blanca (motacilla alba) Pied Wagtail PIED WAGTAIL  P1130721 Pied Wagtail White wagtail looks over the lake Pied wagtail on ice. motacilla flava - lavandera boyera 02 - cuereta groga -yellow wagtail Is it lunchtime yet? P1890237 PIED WAGTAIL P1130748 White wagtail White Wagtail

License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Rob Russell
Miscellaneous set of shots from a round trip to Dubbo, central-west of NSW


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