My Friend Ganesha

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution-No Derivatives
Author: Hartwig HKD
Wisdom and Strength About thirty years ago I visited an antiques market in England and bought a tiny little bronze figure. This elephant I was told is the metaphor for luck, strength and wisdom. “It’s Ganesha”, the gentleman said. „In India, where I come from, this is a very important god and a son of the powerful Shiva. When Ganesha was a little child Shiva cut his head off by accident and put the head of an elephant on his shoulders. This is why Shivas’ son wears the head of an elephant. And maybe this is why Shiva is called a destroyer.” He looked at me in a curious way. Maybe I answered: “Poor son…” or something like that. But I remember exactly what he said: „Only the beaten and defeated become wise.“ He smiled. “Ganesha is my friend. He is pure heart, pure bliss. I adore his company so much. My grandfather was riding an elephant and often I watched him cleaning Ganesh after work in the river near by. They loved each other so deeply. My grandmother was jealous…“ I still keep this figure in honour. Meanwhile I have half a dozen figures in my house and a big Ganesha statue in my garden. But the most important thing is: Now Ganesha lives in my heart. Sometimes my wife is… okay, not really. Dedicated to an Indian Gentleman I met long ago… and to all antique dealers. HKD The picture of this elephant I took two years ago when I visited the Borobudur Temple in Java, Indonesia. He was doing his service there. The buddhist monk and the sky and everything is put together with photoshop of course. But I am very happy with the result. Thank you my friends for all your comments and invites. Even if I cannot post this picture to some groups (Germans are restricted to see groups 18+) and other reasons (time), I do appreciate your comments and invites very much. HKD


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