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Billa Flint's Oxen Barn - Flinton Image from page 25 of Log Drive On Skootamatta River Near Actinolite vicky rj Walk-A-Thin, Northbrook to Flinton, 1972 Belphal (Hindi: बेलफल) Successful Deer Hunting vicky rj First Building in Flinton - Flint's Store Inside Billa 2 Jaguar Billa Bong Bikini Mary Billa Mary Billa Billa Flint Billa 2 WP_20160612_18_52_08_Rich Billa Billa Inside Billa 2

License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Daniel Birkner
Just a few moments before this girl turned into a little lama this picture was taken. (Also Billa was bought by Carfour if I'm not mistaken, so this is to be seen as a historical picture by now.) Brasov by evening. Unknowingly 'moddeling': Stefania


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