1956 Cadillac 60 Special Fleetwood Sedan

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Sicnag
The Cadillac Automobile Company was founded in 1903. In 1909 Cadillac was acquired by General Motors, GMs premier luxury car. The 1954-56 Cadillac was lower and sleeker. At the back was knobby tail fins. Coupe deVilles and the Eldorado were the luxury model Series 62s (Coupe deVille script on front fender in 56, Eldorados with extra trim on the top of the doors and own unique tail fins in 55 and 56) All models were powered by the 250hp 331 cu in V8 until 1956 when the 285hp 365 cu in was introduced 1954: round parkers were mounted within the eggcrate grille. 1955; rectangular parkers below headlights beside a coarser grille 1956; parkers now within the bumper, a finer eggcrate grille, the 4 door Hardtop Sedan deVille introduced. Models available in 1956; Series 60 Special Fleetwood; Luxury 133 inch wheelbase, only 4 door sedan. Series 62; Entry level 129 inch wheelbase, (4 door sedan, Sedan deVille, 2 door hardtop, Coupe deVille, Convertible, Eldorado Seville Hardtop and Eldorado Biarritz Convertible) Series 75; Luxury 150 inch wheelbase V8, 4 door Sedan and Imperial Sedan.


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