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Statue of Ramses II Cleopatra. Colossal Statue of Rameses II, near Memphis. The second King of XIX Dynasty. Sesostris of the Greeks Group of Bedouins and Camels Snake Charmer. Rifaiyeh. Ghager August Capital Summer Party Tomb of Ameni Amenemhat. Fellahin Waterers of Garden Bas-Reliefs Encampment of Beduins. Assiut Denderah All Saints Church, Iden Cleopatra Cæsarion and Ptolemy. Dual-print multi-part color 3D print of #3DBenchy v31 Hyposyle or Khent Hall; Denderah Front cover The Portico of Hathor. The Egyptian Venus Cleopatra. Donkey Boy waiting while Tourist inspects Temple.

License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: 旭宏 林
description [ 科名 : Noctuidae 夜蛾科 ] ; [ 屬名 : Ctenoplusia ] ; [ 學名: Ctenoplusia furcifera furcifera ] ; [ 中名: 密紋梳夜蛾// ] [參考資料 : 合歡山的蛾 ; Page : 391 ]


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