Batur Volcano and Lake

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Author: tropicaLiving - Jessy Eykendorp
Country: Indonesia Subregion Name: Lesser Sunda Islands Volcano Number: 0604-01= Volcano Type: Caldera Volcano Status: Historical Last Known Eruption: 2000 Summit Elevation: 1717 m 5,633 feet Latitude: 8.242°S 8°14'30"S Longitude: 115.375°E 115°22'30"E Batur is the most active volcano on the popular tourist island of Bali and one of Indonesia's more active ones. During the past centuries, Batur has had a number of small eruptions every few years. The volcano is located at the center of two concentric calderas NW of Agung volcano. The outer 10 x 13.5 km wide caldera was formed during eruption of the Bali (or Ubud) Ignimbrite about 29,300 years ago and now contains a caldera lake on its SE side, opposite the satellitic cone of 2152-m-high Gunung Abang, the topographic high of the Batur complex. The inner 6.4 x 9.4 km wide caldera was formed about 20,150 years ago during eruption of the Gunungkawi Ignimbrite. The SE wall of the inner caldera lies beneath Lake Batur; Batur cone has been constructed within the inner caldera to a height above the outer caldera rim. The 1717-m-high Batur stratovolcano has produced vents over much of the inner caldera, but a NE-SW fissure system has localized the Batur I, II, and III craters along the summit ridge. Historical eruptions have been characterized by mild-to-moderate explosive activity sometimes accompanied by lava emission. Basaltic lava flows from both summit and flank vents have reached the caldera floor and the shores of Lake Batur in historical time. --- Source: Volcano Discovery GVP, Smithsonian Institution Canon EOS 50D EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM 0.067sec • f/20 • 12 mm • ISO 100 B+W CPL RAW proccessed with Digital Photo Pro TIFF proccessed with Adobe Photoshop CS3 Sorry guys if i i'm not yet visit your's not because i'm not appreciate your work..with my limit of time to online on Flickr and my internet connections is slow like a snail so it tooks a while for me to to visit and comment on each of my contacts posts...please be patient..i'll be there ^_^ have a wonderful week...hugs~! jessy


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