Eclipse August 21, 2017

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: John Fowler
I was going to be in Nebraska, but on the 20th I changed my mind and went to Wyoming and ended up on a dirt road between Lingle and Lusk (You know where that is, right?). As the day progressed, more people showed up. By the morning of eclipse day, the road was lined with cars parked on the shoulder. My Sony RX10-iii with 600 zoom died on the 20th and I haven't been able to resuscitate it, so I went to a backup setup, my Nikon D800E with Nikon 70-300 lens. Totality was the awesome experience they said it would be. The thin bright ring shone with a supernatural glow. I haven't seen a picture that captures the feeling. You can see a coronal mass ejection on the edge at about one o'clock.


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