Chip off the old Borg Cube

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Mike Beauregard
After examination of all hypothetical evidence, i.e. our Star Trek research team presents a NEW Borg Hypothesis: The Borg are now considered to be a lead-based partially biogeochemical-redacted nanospecies; hostile, toxic and running rampant in giant boxy spaceships throughout a universe full of carbon-based organic life. The latest LEAD** breakthrough in Borg studies is the agglomerating texture of this suspected outer hull fragment - only cosmically irradiated galena is known to form mechanophore cube-on-cube patterns. Deactivated (we hope) lead sulphide sample seen at AE Seaman Mineral Museum, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, USA Notes 1. LEAD** = Lethal Extraterrestrial Alien Diaspora 2. galena = lead sulphide (PbS), forms cubes and octahedrons, steel-gray in color, very dense, heavy, toxic, rarely activated or hostile the Alien encounter is here


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