Wenvoe Tunnel interior

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Wenvoe Tunnel, Cardiff, south Wales, UK Dyffryn House - Dyffryn Gardens Forgotten forecourt: Wenvoe, south Wales Trias farmland, Carbonif Quarry, Wenvoe Dyffryn House - Dyffryn Gardens - chimney Ventilation shaft, Wenvoe Tunnel Taxus baccata fastigiata Irish yew, Dyffryn, Cynon, October 1984 View to Cardiff over Trias plain from Carb. Limestone I. Wenvoe Quarry, January 1978 Carex pendula. Wenvoe Wood, July 1988 Carex pendula, Wenvoe wood, July 1988 Dyffryn Gardens - path Glass House - Dyffryn Gardens - weather vane The path to Autumn Underground history: Wenvoe Tunnel ventilation shaft, Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff Hairy St. John's wort. Wenvoe Wood July 1988 Mediterranean Garden - Dyffryn Gardens - steps Stone stile overgrown. Loss of right of way. St Mary Hill near Ewenny 1975 Scary freaky tree Traditional Welsh Statue Dyffryn Gardens - Panel Garden - statue

License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Jeremy Segrott


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