Basse, my new belgium friend

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution-Share Alike
Author: Gisela Giardino
I found him in the freeshop in Belgium in my way back to Buenos Aires. I didn't get him because he was a Winnie Pooh friend, actually I found out later. He is Lumpy. What I love the most of him is that in his eyes and his ears laid back you can see he is smiling. He has a little child's giggle stamped on his face, whithout having to see his mouth behind his nose. And well, I love his color too. It was my auto gift from the trip. When I got in the plane, I had the luck of having beside me a great danish girl, Marianne, who was also travelling to BsAs. We spent a super time in the way back. She liked Lumpy so much that I asked her to put him a name. And she called him Basse, explaning to me that basse in danish means sweet. And certainly he is! I hope Marianne is doing fine with the things she came for to Buenos Aires . Wishing her best of lucks.


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