Milky Way over Castle Hill

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution-No Derivatives
Author: Ben
A project I've had for almost 2 years now but could not try until last Monday night. Still not quite what I envisioned, but it's a good first attempt and an incentive to try again. The idea is do a blended composite panorama using the moonlight to capture the foreground, and wait for said Moon to set before capturing the Milky Way using my equatorial mount for low ISO long exposures. With the help of colinhansen1967 I hauled the gear from the car park to a spot among the rocks. A couple of things went poorly or wrong, most annoyingly a spot of dew inside my lens which my home-made heating strap could not dissipate (hence the halos around some stars), and a lot of airglow to the north/northeast "drowning" the Milky Way. Software-wise I am no expert in such work, I did my best with what I've got ... I hope to find the energy to try again one day, with hopefully a better result ? Foreground : 8-tile panorama shot at 14mm focal length, 60s exposures at F3.5 and 1000ISO. Milky Way : 7-tile panorama shot at 14mm focal length, each tile is a stack of 5 x 180s exposures at F4 and 640ISO.


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