First Day's Walk in Paris (5)

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution-Share Alike
Author: Carl Campbell
A long stretch of the rue de Rivoli is taken up with the rebuilding of the Samaritaine Department Store site. "La Samaritaine was first built back in 1870 and over the years grew and spread out to encompass an entire block. Various architects and designers were involved in the construction and renovation of the block and now SANAA will be added to that list. Their plans for the green renovation include a slew of updates with the objective of revitalizing the neighborhood’s economic and commercial environment, creating sustainable jobs, stregthening the neighborhood’s residential character with social housing and a nursery, enhancing the area’s heritage and improving the architecture by mixing both modern and original works. The renovation will create space for 95 social housing apartments large enough for 250 people, 400 new jobs and a commercial revival."


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