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License: Creative Commons - Attribution-No Derivatives
Author: Patrick Emerson
I've been tagged by one of my oldest and most creative contacts... Venustus Vita. This is my second tag with a different group. This time I'll take the painful step of posting an impromptu self-portrait. Viewer discretion is advised! Behind me is a portrait of my friend Tivoli whose family I've known and whose face I've photographed now for over 8 years. Behind me is one of the African masks I collect while on the shelves are some of the reproduction of Greek and Roman statues which are another collecting field. Random facts: 1. To complete my undergraduate honors degree in English Lit at Kansas University, I wrote a 100 page essay entitled "Shakespearean references in James Joyce's 'Ulysses'" It took a year to write and I've never read it since. 2. I collect wood carvings of all sorts: African Masks, Indonesian deer, and small Buddish and Hindu sculptures. 3. I have two children who I love dearly. 4. Upon leaving a job overseeing the computer area at KU's Art and Design department, I took with me 3 filled boxes of thank you and graduation cards from students I worked with over a 24 year period. 5. I live in the apartment complex where the founder of Google grew up. Google maps traditionally have set Meadowbook Apartments as the "zero point" because of this. 6. My favorite video games are any of Sid Meier's "Civilization" series or the first amazing game entitled "Deus Ex." 7 I am a cancer survivor after 4 surgeries. 8 I once fell into a nine ft concrete tunnel at an abandoned concrete factory 9 I was born in a desolate area of the SW corner of my state - the land of Dodge City and cowboys. 10 I'm not a cowboy 11 My favorite documentary is Ken Burns' The Civil War 12 My favorite TV programs are Northern Exposure and Mystery Science Theatre 3000 13 The biggest quandry in my life is deciding between Canon and Nikon photo equipment 14 I won a watermellon seed spitting contest when young at the county fair. 15 I've only seen the ocean once and that was on the ferry around NYC. 16 I love too many movies to name, but perhaps my favorite is "The Maltese Falcon." Happy Valentine Day to all my dear friends on Flickr. You know I love you!


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