MAAT, Lisbonne

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The 25 De Abril Bridge, Lisbon Key to My Dreams Light sculpture installed by MAAT at a Tagus River jetty Untitled (2007) - Rui Moreira (1971) MAAT architecture (1st installation: Tejo Power Station) Untitled (2001) - Jorge Queiroz (1966) Lines and shadows at the MAAT Talking at the MAAT’s roof Selfie [ Untitled (2001) - Jorge Queiroz (1966) Swinging Electric Chair (1993) - João Paulo Feliciano (1963) An engaged video operator collecting images regarding  the MAAT's inauguration Untitled (2001) Jorge Queiroz (1966) De la croix au carré (1994) - Silvia Hestnes Ferreira (1961) A distracted photographer Light exercise Over Flow (2018) - Tadashi Kawamata (1953) Scenario in the shade - Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe The skin (2005) - Paulo Brighenti (1968)

License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Claude Attard


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