I’ve seen the light # 1 (1999) - António Olaio (1963)

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I see you!! I can fly! Greetsiel I I DRAGON // i \\ I See You | i | All I Survey I'm next I Follow you /// i \\\ |  |  | i |  |  | ------i-- I Faro Him & I I love you I`m free I feel everything You and I I was hitchhiking

License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Pedro Ribeiro Simões
Art, Architecture, and Technology Museum, MAAT, Belem, Lisbon, Portugal Material: Oil on canvas and vinyl sticker on PVC. Collection: EDP Foundation Art Collection Section: Cabrita Reis Section Inv. : EDP.CR.0087 EXHIBITION TITLE: GERMINAL CONTEXT: In 2015, the EDP Foundation completed the acquisition of an important ensemble of works by Portuguese artists collected by Pedro Cabrita Reis and hid wife, Patricia Garrido, from the early 1990 onwards. BIOGRAPHY António Olaio, was born in 1963, Sá da Bandeira (presently Lubango), Angola. Lives in Coimbra. Professor of the Architecture Department of the University of Coimbra. He finished his PhD in 2000 (“The field of art according to Marcel Duchamp”). Director of Colégio das Artes and researcher of Centro de Estudos Sociais of the University of Coimbra His performances led him to music. He was one of the founders of the rock group “Reporter Estrábico” in 1986 and, since 1995, the songs he makes with the musician João Taborda are frequently presented in his videos and exhibitions. SOURCE: antonioolaio.com/#/sobre/antonio-olaio/


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