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A fire fighting instructor assists a recruit with how to properly seal her gas mask. 170118-N-HA376-274 170118-A-QS992-006 170118-D-GY869-026 170118-D-GO396-013 170118-A-QS992-003 170118-N-RX668-016 170118-A-QS992-007 170118-N-AT895-793 170118_082419_CIMG3863_CASIOEX-ZR850 08.02.18 Nottingham 170118, 158793 and 222018 170118-D-SW162-0028 170118-D-SW162-0050 170118-D-SW162-0044 170118-D-GY869-126 170118-D-GO396-021 170118-D-GY869-040 170118-D-GY869-043 170118-A-QS992-005

License: Creative Commons - Attribution-Share Alike
Author: Pierre Cante


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