The Beauty of Northwest Florida

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Olin Gilbert
As you know, Northwest Florida is also known as The Florida Panhandle. This is a typical scene you would find here. And, we're fortunate that it stays this way year round. Now, if we do have exceptionally cold weather, the "green look" will diminish somewhat. But, we usually escape frigid temperatures and we are able to enjoy the greenery year round. Just a short distance from here, you will find our beautiful white sand beaches and amazing blue-green waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It has become a year round destination now. I can remember as a boy, after Labor Day, the beaches (businesses) would shut down until Spring. No longer the case. Not only has our permanent population grown tremendously, but we have the Snowbirds come down to spend their winters with us. I certainly don't blame them. Well, enough of me for the time being. Enjoy your weekend my friends. Olin


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