IT TELKOM in Sunset Time

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It's snowing! It still stings MAKE IT SO It's June! NOW LICK IT It is Green! Let it go It Bites! It's Windy It's Off! Work it out it lives Is It Written post-it notes It's Time it formed communism IT Landing It's coming Read it! Finally Made It!

License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: MangAndri Kasep
Untuk Akang tamu yang lagi ada di Bandung, ini hasil photo kemaren. Saya SMS ke Akang tentang Situasi Sunset di Kota Bandung. ....Teu Kaudag ku sayah mah Kang.....!!!! Location: IT TELKOM (INSTITUT TEKNOLOGI TELKOM) JL.SUKAPURA -DAYEUHKOLOT -BANDUNG Date : 28 NOVEMBER 2008 Clock: 17.30 WIB DIGITAL I : ACDFotoCanvas v3.0, edit color in HSL and RGB for 3 layer. DIGITAL II: Photomatix Pro 2.1, 3 layer combined by H&S details adjust with blending point 0 and Radius 3. No croping Happy weekend My Flickr Friends!!


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