Happiness is... Finding & Having your "FAVORITE" childhood candy... Almost 2 Decades later..!!

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution-No Derivatives
Author: Ali Mannan
A Photo by "Ali Mannan" Camera; Samsung Galaxy S5 Description: "The Human Subconscious mind is simply amazing, i mean i had these candies when i was idk, 6-7 years old, i loved them. But almost '2 Decades later', i came across these in a shop and the very first look at the box, took me back in time, reminded me what was inside the box and exactly how they taste (fruit flavored with a sour core), and the banana flavoured my least favorite ones. I was unaware that the name 'Runts' still existed somewhere in my Hippocampus (Memory centre of the brain), till i saw this..!"


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