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holy crap New Bus, First Trip: Metroline West VWH2130 on Route 295, Clapham Junction Sky Crap in Construction ~ Bad Fusion Scooter ~ Crap Attack Bridge to Crap Chocolate Overdose NS-08032 - Whale of a Tail........... it's not everyday that you see a detailed tree with a clockwork key 120/365 - Just a boy, standing in front of a girl, asking her to love him Lake Geroge Autumn, Sierra Nevada 2016 Torley & Ravi present a NEW DANCE CRAZE: UBERAWESOMEISM!!!! Crap Mariner reads 100 Word Stories at Jubilee NS-01428 - Battery Point Breakwater Lighthouse Hard to Get Right Amatorum Anti-valentine's Day Ball 40+263 Penance Holy Crap there's people out here Mercedes-Benz McLaren Z199 SLR Stirling Moss x2 urban crap VIII

License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Luna Jubilee / !bang poses
Thank Crap for hosting your 100 Word Stories here at Amatorum before we close the venue's doors. You have been a beautiful friend through the years. Your support for my silly ideas has always been very much appreciated. <3 always I don't care if you hate this. deal with it.


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