Seattle Panorama

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Randy Wick
Today, after so much rain, the clouds finally parted and gave us a glimpse at the sky! I *ran* to my car, camera bag and tripod in hand, and raced down hwy 99 to the West Seattle Bridge, hoping to get something, anything, before the sky became gray again. And so here we are. It certainly isn't perfect, but here is the view of Seattle from Alki Point, combined from eight shots. I learned today that a small board and a level will follow me where ever I go from now on! So... sorry for the hump :) Also, the stitching is far from perfect. Just keep it small or medium and it will look fine :) --- Wow, thanks ~wesa~ for posting to Seattle Metblogs, to Metblogs, and thanks to Mike for pointing out the link: Thank you to everybody for the views and favs. My first photo to hit Explore (#62, 6/6/08), and first photo to pass 1,000 views (6/22/08)!


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