Them looming mountains

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Lenny K Photography
Here's a picturesque mountainscape photo donated by Patrick Van Stee post processed by me. It seems cliche that landscape photos are mostly taken using a wide angle lens. There's nothing wrong with this, but check this out, its a different feel to a landscape photo taken with a non-wide angle lens. Using a technique called 'compression'. the foreground elements are squeezed in with the background making the mountains appear quite massive and overbearing upon the viewer. Can you feel it? The goal for me in this one was to clearly define the background, forground and sky elements. I ran through abit of haze reduction, selectively adjusted the light /dark tones in this image and played around with some of the vibrance + clarity. Picture this image without those pieces of wood, boring right? I guess definitely one I'll take away from this one is to practice including those foreground using this compression technique more in the field. Thanks for checking this one out! :) Much love from


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