Waning Moon Dark-Side Colour

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Brendan Keene
Before you ask, is this real? Well yes and no, this is a combination of the Waning Gibbious (Light-side) that I took this morning at 3am and the Earthshine (Dark-side) is the Waxing Crescent at the start of the moon's cycle. I used this as I just couldn't get a good long exposure of the dark-side with to much light bleeding over from the light side and a lot of noise. But due to the moons libration the dark-side does not accurately line up to the light-side. (If anyone knows or has any ideas to getting the perfect earthshine I would love to know, thanks.) Stats :Canon EOS 1300D :ISO 100 :Aperture F00 :Shutter Speed 1/50 :Lens-Skywatcher Maksutov Cassegrain BK MAK127 AZ GT :Editing software-Photoshop


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