Cayucos Beach Babe - Explore #394 12/12/15

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Cayucos, California, USA Scream of Darkness Foggy Morning on the Cayucos Peir #2 Sand Wave As Darkness Sets In Wave of Whites Morning on the Cayucos Peir #4 GREEN EYE of Estero, from a tiny tide pool Under the Cayucos Pier B&W Cayucos Peir 2 Under the Cayucos Pier 5 B&W Under the Cayucos Pier No 2 Remnants of a Wave Cayucos Dolphins Statue Pacific Gull at the Cayucos Pier No 5 Pacific Gull at the Cayucos Pier No.2 Cayucos Pier in  the Morning No 8 Cayucos Pier in  the Morning No 7 Wave at Cayucos Morning on the Cayucos Peir #2 B&W

License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Linda Tanner
It's mid-December in California and we strolled the length of our recently refurbished Cayucos Pier. After relishing in many delightful sights I've posted three (four) that I found to be especially memorable. See next two pages for Mr. December and friend.


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