Tricky Tricky Pappo Sneaky

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He 'll trick you and take your food Another Picture of Mom juvenile with a midshipman fish...usually the beach where I have photographed the midshipman have all  been morning sun beaches so depending on the sun and the tides the light can be tricky. This juvenile co-operated by coming in with the fish behind me . Australasian Pipit: HIde and Seek Nostalgia of colors Nettle Dweller Big Ben, London Here's my nickle's worth... Dudleya fiesta! North Coast of SLO County, Calif. House Martin Rainforest walk (Tamborine mountains) A Tawny Bellied Babbler playing with a partner Broad Bodied Chaser A Strawberry Finch in the evening's golden light A Strawberry Finch perched on dry bush The baldacchino, the dome and the light League of Justice Propsednura eyrei grasshopper Coming in to land Forrester moth on Gastrolobium villosum

License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Constanza
My Pappo now living in Santiago, Chile after retirement and living for ever in New York.


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