SEAT Malaga

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: TuRbO_J
Barcelona, Spain. The next 6 pictures are a bit special for me, as I'd never seen an R11 Turbo, Ronda Crono or a Malaga in my life. The three of them were very high on my 'pray to see' list while in Spain and Portugal and I was able to see all three in the space of a 5min walk around an outer suburb of Barcelona! Not only that, I also got to do it with a now good friend, Alex or 'Alpus', who I managed to meet up with while he too was in Barcelona. Alex is the fist ever 'Flickr' member I've met in person and it seemed so strange to have to do it over the other side of the world from where I am. Apologies Alex for uploading these special finds before you had the chance!! Haha!


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