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Chevrolet Epica 2.0i - LPG-G3 Schmitt with Flag and Earth Above Vintage Astor Transistor Radio, Model Transistor 7 GPN-A, AM Band, 7 Transistors, Made In Australia, Circa 1961 C-GHPN      YVR Sally Ride Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) Test Firing STS-31 Launch JFK Tour of KSC sunset muharraq corniche First Class of Female Astronauts Ed White, first American spacewalker, 1965 Dale D. Myers Robert Goddard with his Double Acting Engine Rocket in 1925 Mercury Astronauts Receiving the Collier Trophy Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin by Neil Armstrong, Sea of Tranquility, Moon, 1969 Dr. Robert Goddard at Clark University Buzz Aldrin on the Moon Astronaut U.S. Senator John Glenn EC-GPN Falcon 50 Arrecife Feb. 99 EI-GPN

License: Creative Commons - Attribution-No Derivatives
Author: Harold Heindell Tejada
from left: Ogie, Noel, Nick, Dabhoy, Allan with Rico's boy, Bambie, Tracee, Girlie with Gia, Gienel, Dennis, Alvin. Rico, Sonny


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