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MD-91-b 91_2008 Day 91 - Subway Citroen LN Citroen LN Kepler 91 Subaru Vivio Opel Ascona 91/366 - Asymmetrical Steyr 91 1461 - Mining Rescue - Górnicze Pogotowie Ratownicze Citroen XM Turbo CT SX parc de l'espiguette Opel Ascona Volvo Amazon Viklund 10-91 91_Transol sur la plage de palavas Citroen XM Turbo CT SX Style N°91

License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Mircea Ioan
17.08.2015 Bacau Honestly I do not know to what rail operator this machine belongs, but I can say that a couple of hours later it left the city of Bacau heading south with cars which came from Bicaz, so it probably has something to do with DB Schenker.


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