Log Drive On Skootamatta River Near Actinolite

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License: No Copyright
Author: Cloyne and District Historical Society
This photo and information contributed by the Community Archives of Belleville and Hastings County show a log driver with his pike pole being watched by three young boys from what appears to be a logging trail with six others seated on the ground nearby. Logging has been an important industry in Hastings County from its early settlement to the 21st century. Before mechanized equipment came into use, logs were felled in the winter and hauled to the riverbank to await the spring thaw. The logs were driven down the river to the sawmill when the water level was high after the spring melt. The Skootamatta River carried logs to Billa Flint's water powered sawmill at Actinolite (then named Troy), or further on to the Moira River for the longer journey down to the large mills in Belleville. Unknown date and exact location. Note: Commercial use of this image is prohibited without CDHS permission. All CDHS Flickr content is available for personal use providing our Rights Statement is followed: pioneer.mazinaw.on.ca/flickr_statement.php


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