My First RA-4 Wet Print

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Thomas
I started RA-4 wet printing. Never before have I seen such a vibrant blue sky in a print. I love the idea that I don't need any computer to make black and white and color prints. You find the scanned negative for comparison here: I think the print should have been exposed a third of a stop longer. RA-4 printing is not as nearly as hard as most people think. I do not worry about temperature control and process both my color negatives and the wet prints at room temperature. The colors are accurate to me and the print is pretty close to the scanned negative that I color-corrected with Colorperfect. During processing of the test strips I use very faint yellow safelighting provided by my iPad. I don't see much but I know where the trays are. Only for the final print I work in complete darkness to ensure best quality. I recently bought a Durst Comask which is very useful to make test prints: 4 exposures on one 18 x 24 sheet. That means I only have to develop once for four test prints. And these test prints have a reasonable size for evaluation. I first make the usual test strip with a Kaiser test printer to get the exposure right. Then I use the Comask for 4 test prints with different filtration values. After that I can be pretty certain about the proper filtration. Getting the filtration right isn't hard because I have my color-corrected negative scans. I develop in trays for 3 minutes and do a quick wash and a stop bath between development and bleach-fix. That works pretty well. Drop a comment if you would like to know more. Positive: RA-4 Wet Print 18 x 24 cm Fuji Crystal Archive Adox RA-4 Kit @ Room Temperature 3 min Dev Wash Stop 3 min Blix Negative: MF Fuji NPS 160 Tetenal C-41 Kit @ Room Temperature


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