Image from page 594 of "The archaeological survey of Mayurabhanja" (1912)

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Identifier: archaeologicalsu01nage Title: The archaeological survey of Mayurabhanja Year: 1912 (1910s) Authors: Nagendra-Natha Vasu Subjects: Cults Buddha and Buddhism Publisher: [Calcutta Printed by U.N. Bhattacharyya at the Hare Press] Contributing Library: Robarts - University of Toronto Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto View Book Page: Book Viewer About This Book: Catalog Entry View All Images: All Images From Book Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book. Text Appearing Before Image: 98. Tdlcher plate oj Gayuda-Tungadeva, (Reverse). APPENDIX. 15r) Line 5. 5T%f[Tfir^T!?J^Ti^TiT!^^^?T^3^hTTTf?r- „ 10. a|l%^nftc(T^cTq^ ftf%rfTfTfTfiTlrT; „ 11. ^q^^^^lf^fT: q^T^g: ^figW „ 12. W?:i^ ^;r^T^f?;^ ^^iTT^ II qT^J^lf siT^ „ 13. ^f?ig^«^TTT^?:i^^ ^f^^figi^^f- No. 100. ( Back ) Line 1. ai^ i ^f^ft^g?T^Tf?^^%f%I^ HTf^^ft (7) Read ^J^f%K% I (8) Read y^w. ^xm\\ \ (9) Read flfejcT-iaqnr I (ro) Read si^t; I (n) Read qrt l (12) Read gy;(13) Read T^^^\ \ (14) Read c[m 1 (15) Read ^^^v. 1 (16) Read ^i%^?;; 1 (17) Read ?i«^: 1 (18) Read ?:m*; 1 156 APPENDIX. Line 2. Gf-ir^TTmTfsr-tTfT^-^^mf^gFr-^nnrTfT^- A „ 10. ^m^^^ ^i5R §^ m?^i: ^s^^m ii (19) Read Bfircl*: i (20) Read ^■^^\ \ (21) jfii^jri^^^TTlT-firm I (22) Read a^t. and ^ra^j: 1 (23) Read ^q^Tg fqf^^flWig^^inr^si I (24) Read qfcj; | (25) Read ?it»Tj?» 1(26) Read ^^ \ (27) Read qfTqi^^g | (28) Read ^lagqifl^in > •< ^-«oo o tdo Text Appearing After Image: a w^ APPENDIX. 157 Line 11. cT ^TlTf^^^^^^Ttfl^f^^fTt^l^^- „ 12. ^ ^IW^^T^fsrfh^W^T^ »?TrrTftI- «T^ lifWc^fqclfk: ^ TALCHER PLATE OF KULASTAMBHADEVA.No. TOT. Obverse Line 1. ^ J^fm I ^^fH ww^wImTm^^: „ 3. TTW^rT^T^^^VrTf5f^^^^fqfiTf^?T- ^\Sf^qnwfiTf^- TTrTTq- (i) Read ^mtr!*?: i (2) Read ^iImi; 1 (3) Read ^ft^TTJF |(4) Read fJiftaiT^Tfffsirft i (5) Read »TfT?qfei; 1 (6) Read ^^^^U^mfi^^: (7) Read qTfliTRifqq: 1 (8) Read ^l^T^^^ 1 (9) Read 158 APPENDIX, Line 6. H^mfTlfTf^^^%^n^?lTf5Tfi^i^JTrT:„ 15. ^Hffl ^?rTf^^ff( ^^TtrgffT ftftflWl ^^r\T (lo) Read ^iiifntT: i (ii) Read fnli^: i (t2) Read ^x.^-*ilii:« « (13) Read»if?i^^^T I (14) Read n^if^ciii^ 1 Note About Images Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability - coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.


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