Image from page 18 of "Annals of medical history" (1917)

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Identifier: annalsofmedicalh03pack Title: Annals of medical history Year: 1917 (1910s) Authors: Packard, Francis R. (Francis Randolph), 1870-1950 Subjects: Medicine Publisher: New York P.B. Hoeber Contributing Library: Gerstein - University of Toronto Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto View Book Page: Book Viewer About This Book: Catalog Entry View All Images: All Images From Book Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book. Text Appearing Before Image: on from the friends of the late Dr.Spurzheim appointing Dr. Warren chair-man of a committee consisting of Drs.Warren, Jackson, Shattuck, Channing,Parkman, Ware, Reynolds, Robbins, Lewis,Stevenson, Fisher, Grigg, and Howe toadminister the examination and embalmingof the corpse and the taking of a cast ofthe head. Also a request on November 13from Mayor Quincv to this committee to take charge of the funeral services inthe Old South Church and to accompanythe body from the church to its finaldeposit accompanied by such other citizensas may choose to attend. It seems quite clear from this correspon-dence that Dr. Spurzheim at the time ofhis death was regarded with respect bythe leading members of the profession ofthe city of Boston and that opportunityhad been given him to expound his newtheories in regard to the anatomy andfunction of the brain. In the succeedingyears it is evident that Dr. Warren usedmany of the preparations of the Phrenologi-cal Society in his lectures and that a large Text Appearing After Image: Skull of Spurzheims friend Dr. Roberton, who left direction in his will that his skull be presented to the Phrenological Society and placed forever b\ the side of that of his master. (Warren Anatomical Museum.) number of skulls and casts were loanedto him by the society for this purpose. During this period phrenology was receiv-ed by the medical world with much scepti-cism, its followers and opponents beingdivided into two camps. It is evident thatthe whole subject attracted great interestand there are letters showing a widespreadparticipation in the discussions of its merits.Of Dr. Warrens views we gain an insightfrom his biographical notes. Warren, E.: Life of John Collins Warren.Boston, i860, ii, 10. Ayinals uj Medical History At the time I was in Paris in the years 1801and 1802 the new system of craniognomy, as itwas called, attracted some attention. Gall ofVienna was the founder of this doctrine: butat the time I mention he did not excite greatattention in Paris. Soon after, howe Note About Images Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability - coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.


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