Image from page 89 of "Illustrations of Indian ornithology : containing fifty figures of new, unfigured and interesting species of birds, chiefly from the south of India" (1847)

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Identifier: illustrationsofi00jerd Title: Illustrations of Indian ornithology : containing fifty figures of new, unfigured and interesting species of birds, chiefly from the south of India Year: 1847 (1840s) Authors: Jerdon, T. C. (Thomas Claverhill), 1811-1872 Kistnarajoo, C. V., lithographer R. E. B., lithographer Leonard, lithographer Miller, lithographer Linn, lithographer Hunt, Phineas R., 1816-1878, printer American Mission Press (Madras, India), printer Reeve Brothers, printer of plates Subjects: Birds Birds Publisher: Madras : Printed by P.R. Hunt, American Mission Press Contributing Library: Smithsonian Libraries Digitizing Sponsor: Biodiversity Heritage Library View Book Page: Book Viewer About This Book: Catalog Entry View All Images: All Images From Book Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book. Text Appearing Before Image: ote of the Neilgherry blue Flycatcher. I discovered its nest twice, built in a slight holeon a steep earthern bank on a road side, but did not procure the eggs, both birds having for-saken their nests. Its food consists of various insects which it usually takes on the wing, butnow and then snaps off a branch. Description. Of a deep Indigo blue colour, paler on the lower part of the back, andinclining to lazuline on the forehead, and shoulders ; belly ashy blue mingled with whitish;under tail-coverts whitish, barred with dusky blue; wings and tail dusky black, the feathersedged with blue, and those of the tail, centre feathers excepted, white at the base ; bill andlegs black; Irides deep brown. Length 6—6| inches Wing 3,. expanse of do 9^, Tail 2,^ Tar-sus 1th Bill at front ^th. Weighs from 12 to 14 drams,4th and 5th quills equal and longest. The female diflfers from the male in the more sombre and ashy tint of the plumage,aud the young male is spotted throughout with pale rufous. XV Text Appearing After Image: C?riff/e,f4 ^i>/u njij *./^«/ ly Ltt^/f^l/kt^tviMMfVi ORD. IJYSESSORES. FAM. MERULID^. SUB-FAM. ORIOLIN^. GEN. 0 BIOL US. PLATE XV. ORIOLUS INDICUS. INDIAN BLACK NAPED ORIOLE. When I first compiled my Catalogue of Indian Birds I inserted Oriolus chinensisof authors as a peninsular species on the Authority of Mr. Elliotj that Gentleman havingobtained specimens answering the description of that species in the Southern Mahrattacountry. I have since procured specimens from Malabar and Travancore, and had adrawing of one executed for the present work under the name of 0. sinensis. I havehowever lately seen specimens from China and Manilla in the valuable collection of LordArthur Hay, and have also compared the description of Vigors 0. acrorhynchus,and Swainsons O. coronatus, and I am now compelled to conclude that our peninsularspecies is distinct from both these, and that moreover acrorhynchus refers to the truechinensis, and coronatus to Waglers, hippocrepis. I have therefore given i Note About Images Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability - coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.


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