Having fun part 1 (J+M)

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DSC_8220 das Wahrzeichen Sellin / Ruegen Germany Seebrücke Haffkrug Germany Eiszeit 2014 when the leaves get color winter is just around the corner it is cold here in the North Haffkrug / Germany live 2014.03.03 this morning a quick photo yet, from the Baltic to the phone and then to work! die weite Ferne der Insel Fuerteventura Spain Highlands Fuerteventura live how long should I run another currently very timely, because the word comes from dicau / double person i am with us this morning on the Baltic Sea in Germany Haffkrug Have a seat Pout Have you ever seen the rain? early in the morning on the Baltic Sea evening

License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Jacopo


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