Murphy's Haystacks

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John Francis Murphy (1854-1921) John Francis Murphy (1853-1921) John Francis Murphy - A Stormy Day, 1887 John Francis Murphy - Small Landcape (1880-1890) Murphy swimming Streaky Bay on Eyre Peninsula. A group of granite rocky outcrops. Known as Murphy's Haystacks because they look a bit like an old fashioned haystacks. They are ereoded inselbergs. Streaky Bay. Weathered granite rocks that now stand out above the landscape. They are called Murphy's Haystacks. Technically they are inselbergs or mountain islands becasue they stand out above the land. Calca on Eyre Peninsula near Streaky Bay. Granite outcrops where the soil has weathered away leaving inselbergs standing tall above the paddocks. DSC_0112-2 00 John Francis Murphy (1853-1921) October 30, 1901 Streaky Bay. Inselberg information board at Murphy's Haystacks. Beautiful and unusual mushroom like granite inselbergs standing high above the surrounding countryside. DSC08423s DSC08480s Emily Murphy Murphy Streaky Bay. Eyre Peninsula. Granite inselbergs known as Murphy's Haystacks. DSC_0156  00 DSC_0134 00 Johnston and Murphy

License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Chris Fithall
Half an hour from Streaky Bay are these inselberg granite rock formations. The tallest in the image is approximately 8 metres high.


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