Within Darkness

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution-Share Alike
Author: jason jenkins
Our Home Galaxy the Milky Way and its dust lanes with star fieids so dense they appear to be dark and devoid of light, making up intricate patterns within the sky we recognize as "barnard nebulae". I shot this image atop Glacier point in Yosemite National Park at about 8000ft elevation and far from light pollution. The glowing band of orange along the horizon is light escaping from the Fresno area some 80 miles southwest of the park. #nationalparks #milkyway 5 images ranging from 15-25 seconds shot at F1.8 and ISO 3200 using a 50mm Sony prime lens and Sony Alpha a57 SLT mirror-less camera. After processing each RAW image using Adobe Lightroom 5, I exported then stitched the images using photo merge in adobe Photoshop CC, followed by further processing within creative suite. I used astro tools to embellish the brightest stars in the constellations sagittarius and scorpius.


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