Angle affects undertone.

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Simon Matzinger
Following the road to grasp something, a thing, anything, brings me to the technique of comparing. As soon as I compare it with the environment, I can allocate it, so that this thing, something, anything, fits into my world which I build up, my picture, construct, my idea of life in which I live, which I must live within. So everyone creates their own puzzle, whilst strolling along the alley of time, and the pieces one gets to see, do influence the big picture. But how to get a nice, friendly and warm idea of this world? How to get an episteme, in which even contentment feels welcome and starts to settle down? Let me whisper now: “The angle it is, which does the trick.” Not “what”, but “how” you see, can make the difference. So now please choose the title of this picture: “Woman walking in a wood.” or “Passing two old watchmen on the wayfare of life.”


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