Vesteralen (3), Norway

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Ship by the bay Vesteralen (6) Vesteralen (4) Langøya, near Nyksund, Vesteralen Vesteralen island (Vesteralen Islands, Norway) Vesteralen (5) Vesteralen (2), Norway Vesteralen Borkenes village in the Vesteralen islands (Borkenes, Norway) 2012-08-05-1810 2012-08-05-1862 Kaljord Ferry Wharf, Hinnøya 2012-08-05-1838 Mountain of the Vesteralen islands (On sea, Norway) 2012-08-05-1878 2012-08-05-1807 Nyksund DSCF0925 Norway Fratercula arctica Nyksund DSCF0929 Norway 2012-08-05-1865

License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Martin de Lusenet


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